Google Post擴張到可以在搜尋結果上找到cricket player cards


Google Post擴張到可以在搜尋結果上找到cricket player cards從Business cards, candidate cards, presidential election cards,現在甚至可以找到cricket player cards.

Google正在進行實驗性功能的擴大,我們稱之為Google Posts to cricket player posts。

Google India blog發表了一篇文章,這些cricket post cards可以在當你搜尋cricket player names,personalities 和 commentators directly這些關鍵字時找到。

舉個例子: 當你搜尋[akash chopra],他是個效力於印度國家隊從2003年底到2004年底的cricketer,你將會在搜尋結果看到他的cricket player posts


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